Strawberry Cheesecake Mini's

No bake, Strawberry Cheesecake Mini's! Try this yummy recipe with your favorite fruit! View below to see our ingredients and instructions.

Strawberry Cheesecake Mini's, are a bite size dessert that anyone can pop in their mouth. For events where there are so many dessert to choose from and you want to sample them all. I made about 48 cheesecake mini's for our Friendsgiving party, which is a traditional party my family host. During the party we have a dessert contest and this is dish I entered, it took third place winning a prize.


For Filling:

1 8 ounce, soften, cream cheese

1 8 ounce Cool Whip Original Frozen Whipped Topping

1 cup sugar

1 cup strawberries

For Crust:

9 graham crackers

1/4 cup butter

For Topping:

Strawberries, cut in 1/8 inch

Prep Time: 30 min

Cook Time: 0 (freeze overnight)

Total Time: 30 min

Servings: 48 mini cheesecakes



In a food processor or blender, blend 9 graham crackers creating fine crumbs for crust. Once all 9 graham crackers are crumbled then add melted butter (1/4 cup). Mix until the crumbs are moist and sticking together. Put crust in the mini cupcake holders, mashing down to create a flat surface.


With a hand held mixer, place cream cheese, cool whip mix until it has a good consistency, add sugar continue to mix. Lastly, add 1/4 cup of strawberries mix with a rubber spatula. Then place filling in disposable decorating bag, to fill mini cupcake holders. Garnish cheesecake with slices of remaining strawberries.

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